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About Us

Clear beats clever. The confused mind doesn’t purchase. Make content that’s easy to understand.

What We Do

It's Starts With Your Idea...

Dreamstorm Digital is a digital marketing agency that serves small businesses in Murfreesboro, TN, and worldwide. We are addicted to potential. So when a client brings us an idea that we believe in, we roll up our sleeves and make it happen.

Over the last six years, our agency has created:

  • online businesses
  • websites
  • commercials
  • video content for online courses
  • social media content
  • blogs
  • brochures
  • logos
  • podcasts
  • online events
and just about every kind of digital content you can dream up!
How We Do It

Offering quality content that is affordable for any business makes us unique.

The process begins with a 20-minute meeting to hear your idea and determine if we’re a good fit to partner with you. If we believe in the concept enough to help make it happen, we begin the planning phase. In this part of the process, we consult with our client and create an execution plan.

We look at every project we create as an extension of ourselves, which means our team of professionals take pride in their work.

If you want to experience what it’s like to work with us, head over to our client’s story page. We profile our amazing clients who brought to us incredible dreams that we helped execute.

If you’d like to schedule your dreamstorm session, go here to schedule your free 20-minute strategy meeting.

Dreamstorm Digital

Meet Jeremy Lee

Jeremy Lee started his career by working with kids and families for 20 years in schools, churches, and summer camps. He then entered the world of online business by creating his first membership site which is still active today. In 2015 he started Dreamstorm Digital to help others grow their presence on the internet.

The first step with every client is always a mix between dreaming and brainstorming inspiring Jeremy’s name – Dreamstorm Digital!